Saturday, January 17, 2015

De-Cluttering Our Home

 January and February can be very cold, grey months where I live, leading to me feeling quite house-bound.  On the flip side of this, they can be very productive months.  I often feel the urge to purge after Christmas.  This year I am taking it to the next level.  I have slowly been de-cluttering different areas of our home and I thought I would share some of my progress with you. As I am home for so many hours of the day, I like my space to feel clean, simple and relaxing.  I don't like clutter and I don't like a lot of "stuff" in my sight line.  I recently read this article that connects feelings of depression to clutter.  This makes complete sense to me.  When things are messy and busy, my mind can't focus.  
So, that preamble being said, let's get into some of my progress. 
I had been feeling like my bathroom storage was too busy, filled with way too many products.  Yes I have a beautiful collection of makeup and fragrances, but I often reach for the same products, leaving others untouched.  I didn't want to simply throw things away as a) I still like them and b) I hate to be wasteful.  Then my genius friend Emilie just made it so clear for me by saying, "why don't you just tuck some stuff away?".  So simple!  That is what I did. Here are my bathroom shelves before:
Yes, they are well organized, but much too busy.  I just wasn't using every single thing on display, so why have it at an arm's reach?  So I took everything off the shelves, washed them down and started from scratch.  I inspected every product, swatching, checking expiry dates and taking inventory.  There are certain colours and perfumes I reserve for summer, so why have them out in the dead of winter? I slowly worked through everything.
I was able to tuck about half of the products away.  They are in a box, easily accessibly but out of sight.  I still absolutely love everything in this box, I just want to actually USE more products and rotate through them.  My thought is to do this every season and cycle through things.  
 Rotating through products should also help me save money.  When I feel like I want a new shade of lipstick or fresh fragrance or a daring eyeshadow, there's a fairly good chance it will be waiting in this box.  I am at a point now where I feel my beauty collection is pretty solid and complete.  
This is what my bathroom shelves look like now.  Still more than enough lippies, brushes, blushes, smells and shadows to keep me busy!  When a space is too busy and overwhelming, I resort to my old faithfuls, but with less I am using more, somehow! 
I hope this first post was helpful and maybe gets you to thinking of how you can make things more simple and user-friendly. 
Stay tuned for more!
oxox Mare

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