Friday, January 23, 2015

Food Friday: Enchilada Casserole

I posted this photo Sunday evening after devouring this delicious Forks Over Knives casserole.  Many of you asked how it was and if I could share the recipe.  I guess already ruined the suspense by saying 'delish' in the first sentence!  It definitely isn't your average enchilada taste, as there is no beef or traditional taco seasoning; but even Jer loved it!  It was very easy to prepare and gave us enough for four dinner portions and two lunches. As you will see, it calls for the tortillas to be baked into the dish. I would recommend just crumbling them on top, baking it and then maybe having a few on the side.   They seemed a bit soggy when baked into the mix.
You can find this recipe here :)
Also, if you haven't seen the Forks Over Knives documentary, our family highly recommends it.  It's on Netflix. 

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