Thursday, January 8, 2015

Moon Dough Recipe

This is the time of year when I often go a little stir-crazy!  The snow is fun to play in, but there are many hours in the day to occupy my little toddler.  We've been using sensory toys and activities which seem to capture T's attention.  I wanted to share today a super simple activity that he's been absolutely loving!
There are many different names for this substance: moon dough, cloud dough, moon matter the name, it's very simple! 

You just need:
baby oil
sealed container (tupperware etc)

All you do is mix eight cups of flour with one cup of baby oil.  We have it in a large tub with a secure lid and it's just that easy!  The consistency is much lighter and less dense than playdough but still feels very interesting to mash your hands in.  You can form shapes and hide things, rake, dig etc. This is very messy, so we sit T in his high chair with a bib.
Enjoy! We've gotta pass these long winter months somehow right? ;)
oxox Mare

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