Thursday, February 26, 2015

De-Cluttering Our Home: Part 4

Thanks so much for the great feedback on my first three De-Cluttering Our Home posts. If you haven't read them, you can do so here.
Today I am taking you into the hot mess that is our pantry.  This is where we keep all our food, besides the fridge, as well as some odds and ends as you will see. I like to clean it out and definitely don't do it enough! Here is an idea of what I was dealing with, heading into this de-cluttering project:

As you can see, it was overwhelming!  There was food everywhere, in no order.  First things first, I took care of our recycling which was getting out of hand:
Then I completely emptied the pantry and washed all the shelves.
I laid everything out on our counters and went through each item one at a time. 
You can also see my laptop sitting here. I definitely recommend a good playlist while you are doing any kind of housework.  It seems to make the process more fun and go by quicker. On this day I was rocking out to the musical stylings of Adele!
I got rid of anything that was expired.  I couldn't believe how many things had been sitting in that pantry for WAY too long!  I also pulled all the Christmas goodies left over like chocolates etc. In the basket on the top shelf I had kitchen items that I never use but didn't want to get rid of. I was ruthless and pulled so many things for the thrift store. Who needs FOUR sets of steak knives?!? Especially in a house that no longer eats red meat!
When putting things back into the pantry, I was much more mindful of what I access daily. For example, the spices had originally been way in the back in an awkward corner. Now as you can see in the above photo, they are directly in front of the door, much more accessible.  This may seem minor, but it makes daily cooking much easier.
I also lined up similar products like crackers all together. This way I can see at a quick glance if we are running out when making the grocery list.  Again, simple yet effective.  I put more items in the glass canisters as well.  Having less items in the pantry in a better order makes it much easier to know what we have and grab them quickly.  Do you have any pantry organizing tips? I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Great job what a difference.
    I also have categories like beverages, cereals etc. The only tip I have is that things that I always use together go close by so pancake mix and syrup would be close by making them easy to grab together and also things that look similar MUST be labeled if in glass like sugar and salt :).


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