Friday, April 17, 2015

Food Friday

Today's Food Friday post is dedicated to one of our family's staples: peanut butter.  I've never been picky but my husband Jeremy was raised on Skippy Crunchy and so that is what we always had in the cupboard.  I love peanut butter with apple for a snack and both Jer and Thomas love peanut butter sandwiches.  We go through so many containers of these a month!  I always thought it was a nice option for protein until I read the ingredients.  Have you ever looked to see what is in peanut butter? ICING SUGAR for one!!! What??!? Here I was thinking I was serving our family a nice product and I couldn't believe the amount of sugar we were eating.
I immediately looked at labels the next time in the grocery store and settled on Adam's 100% Natural Peanut Butter.  We personally love the chunky, but as you see in the photo, it also comes in smooth.  The ingredients in this? Peanuts. 
That's it!
No added sugar, salt, oil or anything.  I assumed it would be pricey but it's actually usually cheaper than our previous choice.  I don't notice a change in taste and neither does Thomas.  Jeremy has come around too and now this is the only peanut butter we eat.
I encourage you to check the label of your favourite and give a peanut-only option a try.  Now I feel much better eating this and serving it to my family!

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  1. So this may post twice since I'm not sure the other one did!!! Thanks for the tip I will totally be looking next time in at the grocery store!! We love pb!!! We go through a TON!! I feel like I buy it every week!!! Also missing your vlogs! And videos in general!! I check all the time for new ones!!


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