Friday, May 22, 2015

Food Friday

Happy Food Friday!  Today I wanted to share with you my three most-used cookbooks.  I have mentioned these numerous times here on my blog and also on my YouTube channel.  Each of these books has helped me transform my game in the kitchen.
I've never been a very good cook and it used to be something I didn't enjoy.  I like to eat a variety of food and don't like to make the same meals week after week.  It wasn't until I found this combo of cookbooks that I started to get excited to meal plan and cook our dinners.  Now, we only eat one meal out a week.  Not only did these books ignite a new love of cooking and good food, they have saved us money!
These are in no particular order, but the first is Forks Over Knives: The Cookbook.
I bought this book right after watching the documentary on Netflix.  The movie is all about living a plant-based lifestyle.  I had never considered eating this way but the movie was so intriguing and changed our eating habits pretty quickly.  We still eat meat, just not red meat.  Many meals I prepare during the week are meat-free and we usually love them! I was intimidated to buy this cookbook as I was worried there would be too many ingredients I had never heard of, were too expensive or tough to find.  This has not been the case. Yes I have discovered new products and have had to research what they are, but it's been easy and rewarding! 
The next book I'd like to introduce you to is The Can't Cook Cookbook from Jessica Seinfeld. 
I put this on my Christmas list in 2013 on a bit of a whim.  Who knew it would literally change my life in the kitchen?  I had never been someone who enjoyed cooking or who was very good at it.  I had my staple dishes but nothing that I was very proud of.  This book changed it.  I actually read it like a novel at first, learning so much from Seinfeld.  She breaks everything down to be very accessible and understandable.  I also love how she ensures the reader that they can do it!  Cooking can be intimidating to the point of avoidance.  But with every recipe I made, my confidence grew.  Every single dish I have made in this cookbook as been a success!  From breakfast to lunch, dinner and more, this book is a must.    
The third is one that I talk about constantly: Joyous Health by Joy McCarthy.
I first read this one like a novel, front to back and have since read sections of it countless times.  The first half of this book is filled with tips, information and reassuring passages about how incredible it can be to seek a more joyful life.  She talks about eating of course, but also healthy relationships, beauty and an overall lifestyle. The recipes intimidated me again at first because there were ingredients I had never heard of.  But over time I have braved new sections of the grocery store and found some amazing dishes!  Breakfast, lunch, dinner,'s all in here! If you have watched any of my videos, you've probably heard me rattle on and on about this one!  It's quickly becoming one of my favourite gifts to give as well. 
What are your favourite cookbooks or books about healthy living? I'd love to know!
oxox Mare

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