Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Plight of the Dreaded Strapless Bra

Today, we are talking ta-tas!  I have debated whether to post these photos, but ladies, you KNOW what I am talkin' about!  
The strapless bra. 
My rib cage hates me just typing those words.  
I've always been well-endowed in the breasty area.  Some ladies will read this and think, "what's the issue?".  You clearly haven't had to bend over and hoist your ladies into a strapless bra and hated it from the second those hooks close. 
I was convinced having double Ds and beyond, I was destined to never have a comfortable strapless.  I passed by cute strapless dresses, ignored halters and accepted my fate.
Until this summer. I swear ALL the cute tops this year require a strapless. I'm not into wearing a halter with a regular bra.  Please don't show the straps!
So, I decided to take my bosom and put an expert to the test.  I went to Peaches, a local lingerie store.  Christina measured me and then went to work. Girl earned her paycheque that day!  I tried on quite a few different models and finally, magically, as if sent down on a ta-ta shaped cloud, one fit.
Not only did it fit, it felt good. 
I didn't want to rip it off and apologize to my ribs. 
Say what? 
I've worn it twice, and one of those times was for SEVEN hours straight!
The bra I chose is a Calvin Klein model.  No, I wasn't going to actually show you my underwear, so instead look at the difference a properly fitting garment makes. 
The first photo is me, delusional, believing I can pull off a bandeau:
No Mare, you aren't 19.  Those ladies have nursed a baby.  Support them!
Moral of the story: YOU can be welcomed into the strapless world.  Yes, you.  Show those girls off! Now, I'm not wearing this every day, but it sure is fun to have the option! 
oxox Mare


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