Tuesday, July 28, 2015

They Totally SHOCKED Me!

Tomorrow is my birthday but I've already had an incredible surprise party I wanted to tell you all about.  My friends and husband are so sneaky!

A couple weeks ago my friend Leanne suggested we do a wine tour to celebrate and of course I said yes right away!  It was scheduled for this past Sunday the 26th.  I arranged Jeremy to drive our friends around to visit different local wineries and do tastings, and then drop us at a final winery for a delicious dinner.  

Leanne told me she would take care of all the details and invites so I didn't have to worry about a thing.  And I didn't!  Honestly, it was so great to have someone else plan a lovely afternoon out for my birthday that I didn't give it another thought.  I have so many commitments and entries in my daytimer that one of the best gifts she gave me was just that.

Lol, little did I know what was happening behind the scenes! 

There was never going to be a wine tour. 

Jeremy pretended to arrange a babysitter, Leanne invited a few friends and everyone stuck to the story.  I even saw most of these women last week and no one even gave as much as a sideways glance. Not a one!  These people are sneaky!
Leanne invited me over Friday night to help her purge her closet.  Of course I was game to do that!  I arrived, hair a mess, no makeup and in my comfy clothes ready to sit on her bed, drink wine and be ruthless with her collection.
Lol!  I walked into her house and was blown away!  I actually think I was in shock for about the first hour! 
Leanne planned an at-home blind wine tasting and she out-did herself!  Check out the delicious treats she made from scratch:

Like I said it was a blind wine tasting.  The ladies each brought a bottle which Leanne covered so we couldn't tell what the label was.  She served each, along with cards to fill out with our thoughts on the flavours.  We sat outside on her beautiful deck, munching snacks, sipping wine and chatting.  Perfection.
I can't think of a better way to celebrate. I felt so loved and surrounded by such warmth. (And it wasn't just the wine talking;)
These ladies were so generous with their time and kept the secret like pros. I even got sent home with gifts!  I love the names on these two bottles of red:
As I prepare to close the chapter on this past year, this surprise really capped it off for me.  You know it's been a struggle for me since my last birthday, and I couldn't have done it without the love and support of friends. 
oxox Mare

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  1. You are soooo lucky to have such good friends but I know that they would say you would do the same for them.
    You are all lucky to have each other and feel so loved. Who could ask for more. have a great birthday!


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