Monday, August 31, 2015

Mare's Music Monday

Did you catch the MTV VMAs last night?  You know I love my award shows and this one never disappoints.  You can always catch crazy outfits and antics. I thought I would share some of my highlights. 
Let's start with the outfits.  I love the above three: Britney, Demi and Taylor.  Last night was all about the cut-outs and skin showing with colour and sparkles.  So fun!  
My favourite performances were Macklemore (loved the Kool & the Gang cameo and the choreography), Demi Lovato (girl ROCKED!) and Justin Bieber (yes, I just said that). 
Now, let's talk Miley.
 She had a TON of outfits last night but these three are my faves.  I am sure there are people who were shocked by her hosting the awards and her behaviour.  But, she's just being Miley.  She hosted the night exactly as I expected she would, with flair, freedom of expression and a lot of skin.  What I didn't expect was her announcing her entire new album is streaming for free online! 
As for Kanye, really, I have not much to say.  He hates award shows, yet doesn't like to be left out.  He basically gave MTV a huge middle finger with last night's "speech" and I felt like Taylor shouldn't have put herself in that situation.  That's great she's forgiven him, and I thought for a second he was going to apologize.  But then it got weird, annoying and ridiculous. Stop giving him chances. He's a brilliant artist but that's it.
What were your favourites of the show last night?

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