Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wise Word Wednesday

This quote for the week is something that definitely speaks to me.  I often find myself hurt or annoyed by another person's behaviour and have to work to shake it off.  We can only control ourselves and our reactions to others.  Some you can eliminate from your life and move on but others are there, not going anywhere whether they are co-workers, family or mutual friends.  How you choose to react definitely shows character.  In my experience most people have no idea how much their behaviour affects others.  It's up to you to find peace without letting others affect you.  It's a work in progress, but worth it.


  1. Mare, this is very beautiful, thank you!

  2. The Dalai Lama is very wise and so are you for taking this to heart. A great life lesson for anyone! xo

  3. This is very hard to do, especially when they are close family and you cannot distance them from your life. Truth is always best and I always want someone to be their authentic self, rather than a made up version of who they really are.


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