Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Answering Holiday Questions

If you have been reading my blog for years (first of all, thanks!) you will remember when I used to do Tuesday Questionnaires.  Today is a bit of a throw-back to that era, with a holiday quiz!  I would love to hear your answers in the comment section! 
Favourite holiday beverage Starbucks Peppermint Mocha, hands down.  I gave up coffee in January and before this month, had maybe had four cups all year.  But there is just something about this drink that allows me to make an exception; it's like Christmas in a cup!  I also only drink Baileys at Christmas.  I like it on the rocks and keep it coming!

Favourite holiday movie Muppet's Christmas Carol, Love Actually, The Holiday and The Grinch (Jim Carrey version)

Favourite holiday song All I Want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey or Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - N'Sync

Favourite treat to indulge in Peppermint Mocha 

Real or fake tree Fun Fact: I have never had a real tree.

Do you do turkey or something else We always had a turkey on Christmas Day, but it's not something I feel makes or breaks the holiday.  Last year we had a crab feast which was amazing!  It is fun to make something indulgent and special for the day, but I don't think it's imperative to have turkey.  

Have you decorated yet Heck yes! Growing up we decorated 12 days before Christmas and left it up 12 days afterwards.  But now I decorate around December first!  I considered not doing anything this year as we aren't going to be home, but of course I caved! As I sit and write this by the light of the Christmas tree, I am happy I did. 

Do you secretly wish you still had an advent calendar I totally do! I absolutely wish I had an advent calendar. I love the idea of an adult calendar with drinks and presents and treats but I have never had one.
oxox Mare

1 comment:

  1. 1 eggnog but only a small amount
    2 White Christmas
    3 oh holy night
    4 shortbread
    5 fake
    6 turkey or chicken very traditional
    7 not this year maybe next
    8 Never had an advent calendar



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