Monday, January 4, 2016

A Cleanse

Well here we are, in 2016.  How are you feeling after the holiday season?  If you need a reboot or a kickstart after indulging over the last few weeks, a juice cleanse can be just the ticket!  I did a juice cleanse in December and felt great for days afterward.  I had never tried anything like it and had no idea what to expect!  Here is the blog showing exactly what our 1 Day Juice Cleanse from Pure Gym and Juicery looked like:
oxox Mare


  1. This was really interesting, thanks for posting. The only thing that makes this not for me is not being able to eat for the entire day. Seeing you both feel tired, weak and have a headache is something I know my body would feel too (probably a lot worse)! I'd probably end up binging the next day which would sort of defeat the purpose of a

  2. I had been wondering how you felt the day after the cleanse so that's good you felt the benefit of it for some time. Don't forget, The PH Miracle has recipes for cleanses if you want to make your own. xx


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