Friday, January 22, 2016

Insta Recap

Are you following me on social media? I even joined SnapChat! You can find me on that, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. My username on all forms of social media, even YouTube, is redheadmare. Here are some of my most recent pictures you may have missed:
 I live in a valley and this winter has been particularly gloomy and cloudy. On this day I was ecstatic to bust out my sunglasses! These are my current pair from Joe Fresh.
 Earlier this month I was the keynote speaker in front of a group of businesswomen. If you missed my speech, you can see it here.
 Saturday night after taking Thomas to a hockey game (so Canadian I know!) Jer and I played a very competitive game of Friends Scene It. And yes, I took his title and WON!
 This was simply tagged, "You should go and love yourself".  Yes I am loving the Biebs right now. I also love this sweater as it is very similar to one of my tattoos.
 Thomas' winter outfit on point! I love this blue pea coat from The Bay and his new mitts from Roots. Also his scarf is one of my mum's old ones so that I love too!
 Poor Thomas. He hosted a suite at a hockey game recently. It was a lot of work ;)
 My cohost Randy surprised me with this new mug! It's one you can draw on. I just can't decide what to put on it. Suggestions?
 This mam was ready to DANCE on Friday night!
 Something so simple as a quiet moment before picking T up from therapy can really set my day.
This is all the makeup I fit in my GlamCaddy. Did you see my review? Check it out here

Oxox Mare


  1. Seriously there are so many now, I don't even know what Snap Chat does. something about your comments disappear right??
    This is what happens when you get old and can not keep up with all the technologies. :)

  2. Whoa! Whose looking the complete business woman giving that speech! You are looking super in these pics! Look at that boy owning that suite. He's the real deal model in his winter outfit (especially the scarf!) What about your company name on the new mug? xx


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