Monday, January 18, 2016

Mare's Music Monday

I have been listening to so much new music lately and I want to start sharing more reviews with you again! If you are ever wondering about an artist or what I am listening to, feel free to ask.  You know I love music and talking about it! (If not, I would be kind of terrible at my job;)
This week I am reviewing Canadian Alessia Cara's new album Know-It-All
This 19 year old sprang onto the music scene last year with her hit Here:

This song was unlike anything else on the air and it has definitely had some staying power.  The entire album isn't exactly like this song, there are some fabulous beats and also some stunning ballads.  I am very impressed with the record as whole.  She has writing credits on every single track and captures such a fabulous look at her life which is incredibly relatable. I have been listening to the album as a whole for a week or two now and also been texting friends with song recommendations.  The stand-out track for me is Wild Things:
I also love I'm Yours, Four Pink Walls and Scars to Your Beautiful.
This album is a great choice for anyone of any age, but particularly for younger girls and women who need a reminder it's ok to be you and it's ok to be different. 
oxox Mare

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