Monday, February 1, 2016

Mare's Music Monday

This week's Mare's Music Monday is a new album I have been listening to much more than I expected. I have always liked Selena Gomez but with her new record, Revival, she's taking it to a new level. There are no songs on this album that I skip over. I like them all!  She's clearly been working hard on her craft and also on the quality of her voice. Her sound has evolved so much and the notes she hits are unique to any of her previous music. 
There have been three songs released as singles off of Revival: Good For You, Same Old Love and Hands to Myself. I love them all. Hands to Myself was definitely the song that stood out the most to me when I first listened to it. She performed a couple last year at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and I think it was one of her best live performances to date: 

 Other album cuts I love are Me and My Girls, Camouflage and Kill 'Em With Kindness. I sometimes feel like I am too old to be enjoying albums from artists who are so much younger than me, but I can deny how fabulous this one is. 
oxox Mare

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  1. I think it is interesting that you think your age is connected to the music you "should" like. I really hope that is not true because I like a lot of old artists closer to my age and also older but a lot of new young ones too.I think that a variety of age groups of artists makes for a wide variety of musical genres in your library to appreciate.


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