Monday, February 8, 2016

Mare's Music Monday

Yes it is another Mare's Music Monday! There is so much new music out right now and I am loving it! This album from Marianas Trench came out at the end of last year but I just bought it recently.  I have been a fan of this amazing Canadian band for years but have never seen them in concert. Bad Canadian. But, I will be seeing them in concert this Spring and knew I had to be up to date on their library.  
The band says Astoria was inspired by the movie, The Goonies. There is a ton of 80s influence in the sound and even some songs that totally remind me of Queen, one of my all time faves. 
I think Marianas Trench, especially their frontman Josh Ramsay, is one of the most under-rated groups in music.  Did you know Ramsay was responsible for Carly Rae Jepsen's smash Call Me Maybe? His lyrics, music arrangement and vocals are unlike anything else on the scene. 
The album plays like a soundtrack. I like to listen to it in the song's order and just blast it! One of my faves is Wildfire:  
This Means War, Burning Up and One Love are also stand-outs for me. What tracks do you love? Any other albums you want me to review? 
oxox Mare

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