Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Love

 I am feeling such a burst of love for my little one.  To say Thomas has come so far in the past year would be a massive understatement.  He is so full of love and awareness.  He used to never look anyone in the eye and now he seeks out interaction from all kinds of people.  He gives hugs, kisses and so many smiles my heart may actually explode.  His progress is astounding.  Just yesterday he mastered yet another goal in therapy, something I never take for granted. T's personality is blossoming and I am honoured to have a front row seat. Nothing brings me joy like my T Bone. I will always have his back, his best interests at the forefront and work my whole life to give him the best possible experience. 
oxox Mare 


  1. The support he feels from the two of you providing your unconditional love certainly adds to his advancement in many ways❤❤☺

  2. You two are the best parents a child could ask for. Way to go!

  3. He is loving because you have both shown or showered I should say, constant love from before he was born. There's nothing like a mother's love. xx


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