Thursday, July 7, 2016

My Starbucks Go-To

If you have been following my Weekly Weigh-Ins, you will know that I am trying to be very mindful of what I eat and drink.  My nutritionist Vanessa of Pure and Simple Nutrition posted the above photo on Instagram and I have ordered this beverage multiple times a week ever since!  I have definitely been shot my share of confused looks when I order it, and have been charged a range of prices, but it's so worth it!  It's a drink that gives me a mid-morning or mid-afternoon shot of caffeine, protein and some healthy sugar in the banana to keep me going.  It's empowering to know exactly what is in my drink.  I LOVE how many of you have sent me photos of ordering the same thing!  Keep them coming!  


  1. Had NO idea!!! What a great tip for those of us who are being mindful of what we put in our bodies!! Go girl! You are rockin this......


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