Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Into a Butterfly

 There was a point when I couldn't ever imagine Thomas attending school and here I sit on the eve of his first day of Kindergarten, writing his name in his new indoor shoes.  

I saw a baby this morning and honestly can't remember T ever being that teeny-tiny! 
(Ok but maybe he wasn't...after all, he was 20 pounds at four months!)  

He has a new shirt.  
He has a sharp haircut.  
He has all the school supplies.  
Tomorrow he begins a new chapter in Kindergarten. 

The above photo is the framed gift we presented to his teachers and aides at the end of preschool in the Spring.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of his all-time favourite books and there was a memorable moment one afternoon in preschool when he tried to take over as the teacher was reading to turn the pages on his favourite tale.  

I realized this is a fabulous metaphor for what his team has done for him in the past few years.  Thomas really has morphed from a caterpillar into a butterfly.  If you aren't familiar with our story, let me catch you up:

After his cochlear implant surgery, Thomas lost so much of his balance that he couldn't walk.  

He stopped making eye contact at about the age of two, even with Jeremy and me. 

 T completely turned inwards into his own world.  

At one point T Bone had a vocab of 50 words. Then he stopped talking. 

I could go on and one about what happened and how our world was rocked to the core as Thomas' hearing loss progressed rapidly and his Autistic traits began to emerge.  

But that's not how I operate.  I don't wallow in the sadness and the battle that has had us literally clawing at anything we could grab on to as we were pulled further and further into an abyss of unknown.  

Instead, I want to tell you about how amazing Thomas is doing and how much his expansive team has done for us.  Jeremy and I always say that no amount of gifts or cards or kind words could ever convey our gratitude. 

To sum it up: we are not at all worried about Thomas as he enters Kindergarten.  Our loving, inquisitive, happy soul is as ready as he will be.  

We are well aware this new chapter will bring with it new stressors and issues.  It will also open his world to new members of the team, many of whom we have already met and they are warmly welcoming our family to the school.

Our little butterfly will be spreading his wings tomorrow.  He may not understand the magnitude of the day, but I sure do.  

My gratitude overflows. 

oxo Mare


  1. <3 sitting in my chiropractors office bawling. I'm so happy your boy is doing so well and that he is starting his new chapter. I can't wait to hear about how he thrives! Will he be attending public school?
    Be strong mama! What an exciting time! I'll never forget my oldest a first day. He wouldn't even let me go in with him. Just waved at the door and said by as I cried outside <3

  2. You are lucky to have such a special boy and he is soooo blessed to have the two of you as parents. Always fully involved and advocating for his needs and doing the research so you know the possibilities. Not turning the challenges into negatives, instead focusing on all the positives. He will succeed with the help of his full team but make no mistake it is the two of you who lead the team. Love you all so much xoxo

  3. You expressed all that beautifully. Anna is right in what she comments, I couldn't agree more. You have both, and continue to give Thomas the absolute security of loving parents in and loving home. The importance and value of that can never be understated. xx

  4. My son had a fantastic relationships with all of the teachers. He would hug each one before we were leaving from Phoenix preschool. If that isn't the sign of a good school, I'm not sure what is.


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