Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Letter to Parents

As Thomas continues to be a rockstar settling into Kindergarten, I thought I would share something Jeremy and I will be sending to the parents of his classmates.  I wanted to share in case you also have a child with special needs.  It can be difficult for adults to understand our little guy, let alone five year olds! 
We wanted to tell you a bit about our son Thomas, because you probably have have a question or two! Also, we thought it might help when your children are wondering about him.  His dad Jeremy will be coming in answering any questions one day soon as well.  Thomas is a very happy 5 year old who loves snack time, the playground, Elmo, going on van rides and coming to school. 

When Thomas was born he failed the newborn hearing screening test and by 4 months he had his first hearing aids. Over the next 2 years his hearing got progressively worse until he was legally deaf. This is when he had cochlear implant surgery at Children's Hospital in Vancouver to restore as much of his hearing as possible. He now wears a cochlear implant on his left ear and a hearing aid on his right. We like to explain that Thomas needs these two pieces of equipment to hear, just like other people need glasses to see. 

Thomas doesn't talk but it isn't because of his hearing loss; it's because he is also on the autism spectrum. We found this out when he was 3 1/2 and for the past two years he has been working with the wonderful folks at the OSNS Child & Youth Development Centre.

Thomas is usually very chill but can get loud and flap his arms when he is excited. If you see him doing this, don't worry, he's fine...he's just really excited!!  You may think that autistic children get aggressive and violent, but not Thomas.  While he doesn't talk and lacks a lot of social skills, he will gladly sit next to other kids in class or play on the playground.  He has a full time Education Assistant in the classroom but will no doubt disrupt class from time to time. We ask that you be patient with Thomas and we're sure you'll become very fond of him. It sure seems like the other kids in class have! 

We wanted to share this with you so that you got some insight into what makes our wonderful son Thomas tick. If you ever have a question, please ask. We're always happy to talk.

Jeremy and Mare


  1. Parents are always the Best advocates for their matter what their needs are!!
    You both are such loving & caring wonder Thomas is such a Great kid!!!!!

  2. Thomas is lucky to have you both for his parents. He chose wisely.


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