Saturday, September 10, 2016

Another Year Goes By

 Every month I get multiple messages from people who have found this video and say it's helped them. The purpose of my channel and creating my Mare-athoner community is making sure you know you are not alone. 

I posted this video one year ago today as September 10th is the anniversary of my dad passing away.  I wanted to leave it here today as another year has gone by.   

I hope you too find it helpful and if nothing else, gives you some peace to know it will get better. 
oxox Mare


  1. Lovely to watch this again, dear. He would be very pleased with you today, as always if he was here. This is sensitive to others' needs and is good. Your creativity, which knows no bounds is definitely a trait from him. He was creative in many areas and always searched for ways around a circumstance - to make something work. He overcame the difficulties. xx


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