Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Jer Reads: Jim Gaffigan

If you are caught up on Vlogust 2016, then you will know my husband Jeremy quit his successful career in radio to join me and work from home on Redhead Mare Media. I've been asking what posts and videos you would like to see from Jer and the most requested topic is Jer Reads. So, welcome to the first one:
oxox Mare

My favourite standup comedian is Jim Gaffigan, so when I found out that he released a book called Dad Is Fat, I was as happy as Jim eating fries at McDonald's:

I don't have a problem with swearing (butt, hell, crap) but one thing I love about him is his comedy isn't vulgar. It's easy to drop F bombs but it's much harder to be funny and clean. Here is a great example from Dad Is Fat:

"At times, it seems we elected to have our babies at home mostly to make other people feel uncomfortable. I quickly learned that people don't want to hear about home births. Their first reaction always seems to be, 'Oh, you had your baby at home. Yeah, we were going to do that but we wanted our baby to live'."

If you love his standup, you'll love Dad Is Fat

If you've never heard of Jim, don't worry. Do you like food? Do you have kids? Do you like to laugh? Good news, you'll love this book!

P.S. I'll review his second book Food: A Love Story at a later date.
- Jeremy

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  1. Good review, he is very funny and I agree it is harder to be funny without being vulgar.Look forward for the next review.


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