Monday, September 5, 2016

Mare's Music Monday

Well this probably comes as no surprise to you, right?  If you watched Vlogust, then you know I went on quite the hunt for this Britney Spears album.  If you missed it, here's the video:
Glory is Britney Spears' ninth studio album debuted at Number 3 when it came out last week.  Now I am a die-hard Britney fan and have been since day one.  But, that being said, I didn't really know what to expect with this release.  I've been listening to Glory now non-stop for a week and can definitely say it's a triumph.  It's a quintessential pop album with light lyrics, sexy beats and that signature Britney sound.  There's even some riffs and aspects that throw back to old school, "Oops I Did It Again" sounds.  Usually when I post Mare's Music Mondays, I single out songs that are my favourites, but this time I'm not going to.  Glory is a well-rounded piece of pop history that I like listening to as a whole.  I don't think any of the songs will be number ones or get major radio play.  I do, however, enjoy this release in its entirety.  You can definitely see me chair dancing while driving my mini van, because that's exactly what I've been doing all week long ;)
oxox Mare

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  1. Can picture you behind the wheel glad that you ate enjoying it.
    I discovered Florida Georgia Line this week and I am enjoying their latest CD a real departure for me.
    Music has such power we should never stop listening to favorites and exploring artists who are new to us.


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