Monday, October 24, 2016

An Easy Self-Care Tip

This may look like just another photo of a pile of magazines.  It actually represents a change I trying to make in my life.  We all know we should be limiting our daily amount of screen time.  As someone whose business relies on hours in front of a computer screen or iPhone, I am working on fitting breaks into my day on purpose.  I am definitely guilty of falling asleep scrolling my phone but it's a work in progress!

I've been reading Amy Schumer's new book but wanted something that I could pick up when I have a five minute break or am having a snack. I also find reading lulls me to sleep, so picking up a book at anytime besides bedtime can be dangerous!  

This magazine deal is one of my favourite things to treat myself to. I only do it a couple times a year, but it brings me so much joy! At the WalMart check-out they have certain magazines for sale, three for $10.  That's a huge savings!

Picking up a magazine may seem like a simple act to you but to me it is much more.  I've been slacking on self-care as I talked about in a recent video: 

Taking a few minutes as a break from working and flipping through one of these magazines is almost a forced act for me some days.  I'm constantly thinking of the next task on my to-do list and have to stop myself from feeling guilty from taking a break.  Having a son with special needs transitioning into Kindergarten is definitely wearing on me lately.  He's tired and grumpy from such full days and I am finding my patience wearing thin.  

I'm much more productive after a break.  I know I create better content after a break.  I'm a calmer mum after a break.  It's a learned skill I'm working on and I know I'm not alone. 

Yes, flipping through a magazine may not seem like much to you, but it is to me. 

What do you like to do to give yourself a break? 
oxox Mare

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