Monday, October 31, 2016

Mare's Music Monday: Lady Gaga

You had to see this one coming.  Lady Gaga is back with her fifth studio album Joanne.  If you are looking for a revival of songs like Just Dance, Bad Romance and Born This Way, this is not the album for you.  But if you are looking to see an artist continue to evolve and extend her musical prowess, this is for you. 
I've said this before: I respect artists who try new things and sounds and evolve their sound with their age and experiences.  Gaga does just that.  I'd say Joanne is a mix of her previous dance-influenced sound and her foray into jazz with her Grammy Award-winning album Cheek to Cheek.  (That is another gem!)  Joanne is a mix of folk, country, rock, pop and electronic.  It just works.  Gaga is a vocal powerhouse and her lyrics are raw and relatable. I know some people will be disappointed with the record but it's easily one of my favourites of the year. I far prefer it to ARTPOP, her third album.  A sense of raw honesty runs throughout each song.  The standout tracks to me are Perfect Illusion, John Wayne, Joanne and A Million Reasons
You've probably heard her first single Perfect Illusion, but check out this acoustic version: 
I cannot wait to see what Gaga does as she performs next year's Super Bowl halftime show! 
oxox Mare

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