Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Jer Reads: Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky wrote a book? Sign me up! 
99 Stories of the Game is fantastic, plain and simple. I read the entire 377 page book on my recent flights to and from Detroit. That's how much I enjoyed it! The fact that Gretzky wrote it is huge, but another big plus is that he wrote it with Krirstie McLellan Day. If that name looks familiar it's because she also wrote with Ron McLean, Theo Fleury and Bob Probert when they did their autobiographies. 
You may be surprised to learn that this isn't a Wayne Gretzky autobiography, rather it looks back at some of the most memorable NHL moments of the past 99 years, from his point of view. If you're looking for Gretzky stories, don't worry, there are plenty of them! Since I'm a hockey history buff, I loved the tales of the early days of the NHL. For example, did you know that the NHL was created over spite! From 1909 to 1917, the top hockey league was the NHA, but the owners didn't get along with the owner of the Toronto team so they basically all quit and formed the NHL and left him out in the cold. Serious! There couldn't be a more perfect Canadian Christmas present for 2016 than Wayne Gretzky's book. Or if you're like me and can't wait until the end of December, get a Tim Horton's coffee, your favourite poutine and enjoy it now!
- Jer

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