Monday, November 14, 2016

Jer Reads: Mr. Hockey

Earlier this year Gordie Howe passed away. He was one of the greatest hockey players ever and a fantastic story teller. Since he played 32 years of pro hockey, including 26 in the NHL, there was easily enough material for a book! Thankfully he wrote his autobiography before he died. Mr. Hockey was released in 2014 but I didn't get a chance to read it until last month. That was a mistake, I should've picked it up as soon as it came out! 
I love hockey history so it was great to read about an era when players didn't wear helmets and didn't make much more than many working Joe's. Three perfect examples are: during his first training camp in 1946, the rookies slept at the arena in cots! Also, the first place he lived when he made the team was at a rooming house with three of his teammates. It was set up by the Detroit Red Wings and run by a woman named Ma Shaw! Nowadays, most rookies are rich the day they sign their first contract. Finally, early in his career Gordie played minor pro baseball in the summer to earn some extra money. Crazy right! 
Even if you're a real hockey buff like me, I guarantee you'll read plenty of new stories about Mr. Hockey. His book has no shortage of gems. Otherwise, Christmas is just around the corner!
- Jer

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