Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Time I Smashed My Head

This weekend I smashed my head. Literally. I was bending down to throw something in the garbage and when I started to stand up again, my face connected with the very sharp, very heavy, very wooden corner of a shelf. 
Instantly tears started streaming down my face. The pain was instant.
Now, what would you do if this happened? Think about it. You would probably get some ice and sit down to catch your breath while the goose-egg formed. 
Not me. 
I kept frantically tidying as I had been doing, preparing for my mother-in-law to arrive. Tidying, cleaning, uploading a video, all while tears and sobs continued.  Jeremy was upstairs getting ready and when he saw me he told me to sit down right away. 
Ok. Just let me start the laundry and make a cup of coffee. 
Anyone else seeing a problem with this? 
I collected the laundry and took it down two flights of stairs into the basement.
Jer had to literally force me to lay down with ice. 
No phone. No coffee. No work. 
Just sit. 
Initially I was mad. How dare you accuse me of doing too many things at once? Don't you see I'm working hard? 
Mare, don't you see you SMASHED YOUR HEAD?!?!
There's been a few instances recently when I have been so worked up, multi-tasking from the moment I wake up until the moment exhaustion takes over at night. This isn't the way to live or to be productive, is it? No. Sometimes you need to sit down with an ice pack on your head and reflect.  Which is what I did. 
I always say life is a "Mareathon" and have coined my lovely supporters my Mareathoners.  In my current phase of my Mareathon, I am learning to slow the f down. It may have taken me smashing my face to realize this, but at least I'm owning it and recognizing that something needs to change. To slow down. To not feel guilty when I sit and pause, without constantly checking my phone or, or, or.  The list is endless. 
I learned a very valuable lesson this weekend. My forehead is still tender to the touch, serving as a reminder.  It shouldn't take one smashing their head to slow down! Take care of yourself. Pause. Realize that it's ok to re-set, to only do one thing at a time and to put yourself first. 
oxox Mare


  1. So true, very glad you realize it now. You will have to keep reminding yourself unfortunately it is what we think is expected of "good" women. Take time to enjoy your life that opportunity will not come again as time passes. xo

  2. So glad you have a good man to take care of you. One of Gary's favourite sayings is "Pace yourself". Sounds just right for a Mareathoner. xx Guess why he has to say it? I tend to be the same as you and go from one thing to another. Oh dear, am I owning up to being that model for you? Try to look after that beautiful, clever head of yours, I don't think they grow back!! xx


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