Tuesday, December 20, 2016

#mareathon2016 - My Favourite Shows

Let's talk TV!  We haven't had cable in a few years, so you will notice that all my faves of the year are on Netflix.  #mareathon2016 is so much fun! I can't wait to see your favourites of the year. Use #mareathon2016 so I can find them. 
oxo Mare

I love that there are new episodes three times a week of this show. She covers a variety of topics and many of them are ones no one else is talking about. 

Schitt’s Creek
This Canadian show has two seasons on Netflix and is so easy to binge! It's unique and hilarious.

I binge-watched this one so quickly! Then when I was caught up I was disappointed...until I realized that they released episodes weekly on Netflix. At least they did last season...

The Good Wife
This show is so smart and makes me question things I thought I stood firmly on, which I love. The ensemble can't be beat.

Gilmore Girls Revival
I was shocked in 2015 at the news of this revival and it couldn't come fast enough. I did a who review of the series in this vlog (spoilers obviously!). 


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