Friday, December 23, 2016

#mareathon2016: My Favourite (New) YouTubers of 2016

For today's #mareathon2016 post I want to share with you my favourite YouTubers with you. I watch YouTube every day, much more than television. This year I drifted away from some of my subscriptions, stayed true to some of my old favourites and discovered new ones. Today I am going to tell you about the channels I discovered in 2016. Tell me YOUR favourite channels this year! Use the hashtag #mareathon2016 so I can find your lists:) 

Niomi is a vegan from Britain whose channel is like a breath of fresh air. She's so lovely and positive and healthy. She promotes a great lifestyle as well. She came out with a cookbook this year and I can't wait until it is available in Canada. 

Yes Lilly has like 12 million subscribers but I only started watching her this year. She's Canadian and the epitome of the hustle. I actually prefer her vlog channel as it's a realistic look into how much hard work goes into her success. 

Again, Colleen has millions of subscribers and this year she released her very popular show Haters Back Off on Netflix, but I only started watching her regularly this year.  I rarely watch her two main channels but instead again love to see her vlogs.  

Technically I have been watching Marissa for a few years but 2016 was when I didn't miss a single upload.  She started this series called #YearofYou and I found it to be inspiring to say the least.  She introduced me to some great self-improvement books and strategies, as well as the world of crystals.  Even though she's much younger than me, Marissa is a fabulous example of taking care of yourself and not apologizing for it. 

Kalyn is another Canadian and her channel is just fabulous. She posts videos about lifestyle, health, fashion and much more. It's so inspiring to get a glimpse into how she unapologetically is going for it. 

Lauren's main channel Hot for Food is one that I am also raving about online! But her second personal channel was a favourite in 2016. As I'm writing these pieces on each channel I'm definitely noticing the theme of not apologizing for self care:) Lauren has introduced me to many topics like being a vegan, meditating more, self love and others. 

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  1. I discovered Becca Bristow. Like both her you tube channel and instagram


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