Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Day to Celebrate

Today is a momentous one in our house.  

Today is Thomas' first full day of Kindergarten! Yes, it is January but today is the first day Thomas will be spending the full length at school. 

Whew.  It's one to celebrate!

Our Thomas is on the Autism Spectrum and also has profound hearing loss. He's been going to Kindergarten since the beginning of September and little by little we've been increasing the length of his days.  This has ensured success and progression. Today, he goes all day!

Three days a week Thomas attends his Autism therapy sessions for two hours in the morning and then joins his class at 11am. He then stays until the end of the school day. So, he's technically learning for the full day, just in two very different settings.  (His Autism therapy is very intense with an average of 20 goals hit every two hour session. He works hard!)

Then the other two days a week he's slowly increased from three hours to now, today, a full day. 

We are beaming. 

I've been asked by many Mareathoners to share more about our Autism journey and our day-to-day life.  Thomas and his expanding team have worked incredibly hard to get to this day. He consistently shows us there is no limit for him.  And we are right there with him. 
oxox Mare


  1. Way to go Thomas, such a HUGE milestone!

  2. I can't even express how proud I am of you and Jeremy and the way that you have handled your journey with Thomas.
    You have worked since he was born first to assist him as much as possible with his cochlear implant and then when diagnosed with his autism being such advocates for the education he deserves. He has a wonderful team working with him but I know they would be the first to say that he would not be where he is today if he did not have two such loving strong parents. Sending you huge congratulations and looking forward to all the future milestones that he will crush with your help. ❤xo

  3. This is so exciting and rewarding for you and Jeremy. He has come such a long way and will move ahead further by the day. I am convinced of that. xx


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