Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hug It Out

My name is Mare and I am a hugger. 
Let's just get that out of the way. 

I saw this quote on Facebook last week and it really resonated with me. So, I tried it! I swear my hugs with Thomas have been three times as long lately. Or we hold hands longer. The other day he took Jeremy's arm and put it around his little shoulders. 

It warms my heart. 

We used to struggle every hour to even get Thomas to look us in the eye. I mean that. Every. Hour. Multiple times an hour.  He would avoid us at all costs.  Once his Autism took over, at about age two, he turned inward and barely even knew we existed.  He was not affectionate. He showed little emotion. He would push us away, physically and emotionally. It chipped away at my heart.

Fast forward and he's turning six this Spring. He's affectionate, searching for eye contact and seeking out hugs to squeeze, hands to hold and snuggles to be had. Oh, and he is great at the high-five!

This has taken WORK. Struggle. Tears. Therapy (both Autism therapy for T and counselling for Jeremy and me).  Set backs. For a long time, years, it felt like two steps forward five steps back over and over. 

Now he runs over with arms wide open for a hug.  He shows us he's happy to see us and my heart melts every time. Daily I am proud of his eye contact. 

Back to the quote. Being more in the moment and hugging it out for as long as he wants has been beautiful.  I'm even getting more hugs at unexpected times.  

Next time your child (or anyone really) hugs you or snuggles in, don't be the one to break free. It's good for the soul and it could be just what they (or you) need. 
oxox Mare


  1. So important to take the time to enjoy it while you can. I will think of this every time I hug someone I love, that includes you ❤❤❤😊

  2. It's wonderful Thomas is more demonstrative now. Hugs are beautiful and so important. xx


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