Monday, January 16, 2017

Jer's Music Monday

(My husband Jeremy and I want to see Miranda Lambert in concert. In fact, it's on our bucket list. Speaking of lists, she's on his. You know, that list. Like on Friends... So, that being said, I asked him to review her latest album. - oxox Mare)

My favourite country singer is Miranda Lambert, so needless to say, I asked Santa to bring me her new album. Her previous five albums had produced so much memorable music, yet I didn't have high expectations for The Weight of These Wings. Why? It's a double album. In my opinion, double albums never work. There always ends being WAY to much filler and they leave me wondering why the artist didn't just make an awesome, one disc album instead of a double with filler. Trim off the fat and give me 10-12 great tracks instead.

Before she even starts singing on the opening track, Runnin' Just in Case, I knew she had some great songs on the way, the question was how many? I have good news! All 12 tracks on Disc 1 are fantastic! I don't skip a single one, which is saying something. 

I can't say the same about Disc 2. It isn't bad, but I wouldn't call it memorable. Going forward I'll probably just listen to Disc 1 and pretend it isn't a double album. 

I have one other complaint.  It's missing that signature, fast tempo "bad girl" song that seems to be on every Miranda album. Where's Kerosene, Gunpowder & Lead, Something Bad or Fastest Girl in Town?

I understand I've complained a fair bit, but she once again delivers the goods! Excuse me while I go listen to Disc 1 of The Weight of These Wings again!
- Jer


  1. I am a huge Miranda fan as well. I have only listened to these albums one time and I skipped several songs. I too was looking for that "bad girl" song. Was pretty disappointed that she didn't have it. I do love Vice. So far it's the only song on repeat for me. After reading your review, I will give it another go. :)

  2. Great review she is one of my favorites too.
    I just bought the latest Garth Brooks CD and I am enjoying the duet on there with his wife Trisha Yearwood


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