Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Why I Journal

In 2016 I filled three and a half journals.  In fact, I started the year in such a state of turmoil that I completed one book in January alone. 
As I reflected on last year and looked ahead to make goals for 2017, I laid my journals out in front of me.  Without even reading the words, I can tell what mood I was in on any given day, just by looking at my writing. 
I am often asked how to journal or why I do it. As we embark on a fresh year I wanted to share this video again, outlining by tips for this therapeutic exercise. I encourage you to try journaling. I never would have made the positive changes in my life last year without this process.
oxo Mare

1 comment:

  1. I missed this when you first put this video up. I'm glad to hear your views on journaling and how much it helped you. No doubt it has encouraged your Mareathoners to give it a whirl. xx


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