Thursday, February 9, 2017

Throwback Thursday: The Story of Thomas' Birth

For what may be the ultimate #TBT, I thought I would share the story of the birth of Thomas on May 18, 2011. 
Enjoy! oxox
 On the morning I was to be induced (Tuesday the 17th) I woke up early, feeling anxious and already tired. But, after a quiet hour of yoga I felt energized and ready for our journey to begin. We had an appointment at the hospital for 7am and I was induced an hour later. We were sent away and told to return when my contractions were regular or at 8pm if nothing happened. We spent the day walking by the lake, enjoying a few meals and discussing what was already starting. It was very surreal. Nothing happened during the day so we went back to the hospital for another check-up with our midwife. No change so we were sent home for the night and told to return in the night when the contractions were strong enough and close together. Both the obstetrician and midwife were convinced they would be paged.
No such luck.
Although I was feeling mild contractions that night and in the morning, we were disappointed to find out there was still no change. We were sent away again, but this time to a local track to do laps and lunges. Thomas needed to turn around so he was face-down. The contractions were definitely stronger and after a few hours we once again went back to the hospital, disappointed to find nothing was happening.
After talking with the midwife we decided to try an IV form of induction (oxytocin) which started at about one o'clock that afternoon. Every half hour I was checked and the dose was increased. By two I was finally considered to be "in labour" even though I'd been feeling contractions for almost 24 hours. Our doula arrived and we spent a few hours chatting while my contractions became a bit stronger. Sally (our doula) helped me get Thomas to turn in the meantime. Three hours on the oxytocin they checked me and guess what? NO CHANGE! Oh the disappointment. I was still two centimetres.
At that point, something changed in me and a floodgate opened. I was so emotional and after that release, my contractions came fast, strong and continual. There was absolutely no break in between them as they piggy-backed each other. To this day, no one has any idea what changed and caused this. Meantime the doctor and midwife were discussing with Jeremy to send me back home because they didn't believe I was in true labour. (The contraction monitor wasn't picking up anything.) Neither of us was interested in that option, clearly! Jer was so great helping me through my contractions, doing whatever he could to ease the pain and talk me through them. By this point, I'd gone inside myself, eyes closed and was breathing through the pain. I basically kept my eyes closed until he was born.
Less than an hour later, I was checked again, and, eight centimetres! I went from two to eight in less than an hour! At that point, I knew the non-stop pain was too much so I opted for a walking epidural. 
Best decision ever. 
It just numbed the contractions, but I was able to feel everything else and still move.
Shortly after, I was 10cm and ready to push. I took a short break to rest for a bit first, and my body started to shake uncontrollably. I pushed for a half hour and he arrived!
 Eight pounds three ounces, 55cm long.
There is nothing about my labour and Thomas' arrival that I would change. I am so proud of my body and of Thomas for arriving the way he did. Jer, Sally and our midwife Alyson plus the nurses were a dream team. My pre-natal yoga helped immensely, as did our pre-natal classes. He was born at 9:06pm and we were home my 4 the next afternoon.


  1. Such a nice story and so nice that it is fully documented for Thomas when he is older.

  2. It's a great account. I remember seeing Thomas for the first time the morning after and you looked so good. Lots of things happen in childbirth for which there is no explanation. I love the photos, just beautiful and so full of love. xx


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