Thursday, March 30, 2017

Went a Bit Crazy in LUSH!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wise Word Wednesday

As I talked about in a recent video, How To Instantly Improve Your Day, I've been actively editing the content I see online.  I delete accounts that empty my cup and block people who are constantly negative. 
Don't need it, don't want to see it.
In doing so, I'm also adding accounts and following people who represent positivity, drive, happiness and just being a good human being. 

Sunny Lenarduzzi is one of those humans. 

I started following Sunny on Twitter years ago and I honestly can't remember why, but I'm sure glad I found her.  She's a ray of sunshine, plain and simple.  Sunny is an entrepreneur and I highly recommend you start following her social media. She is the most knowledgeable person I've seen in her field; her delivery is spot-on and makes even the most overwhelming topic or task seem accessible. Authenticity oozes out of her videos and posts.  

She recently posted the above photo with a caption that actually made me sit back and pause. It's stuck with me so I wanted to share part of it with you today for Wise Word Wednesday: 
oxox Mare

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

JerReads: Ty Cobb

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that not too many of you Mareathoners will want to read the book I just finished. But since Mare has trouble with gifts for me when it comes to something sports related, I bet some of you will appreciate this review because it’ll give you a gift idea for the baseball fan in your life! 
Ty Cobb is unquestionably one of the greatest baseball players who ever lived. The questions that have always surrounded him are about his character on and off the field. His career was from 1905 to 1926 and the record books say he was amazing. In fact, he was part of the inaugural class inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and even had the most votes that year. Yes, even more than Babe Ruth! But since he played a century ago, there isn’t a lot of official material about him outside of his career numbers. Therefore, some very nasty stories have stuck with Cobb all these years later. Things like, he would sharpen the spikes on his cleats to deliberately hurt other players. He was horribly racist and once beat a black groundkeeper to death. Also that almost nobody showed up to his funeral in 1961. 

Ty Cobb: A Terrible Beauty attempts to find out the truth about Cobb and in my opinion does a remarkable job! My view on him has certainly changed. A lot of these stories were either lies or they took on a life of their own over the years and bear little resemblance to the original events. For example, in appears that he wasn’t racist as he employed a black bat boy who he considered a friend throughout most of his career and was in favour of the integration of baseball in the 1940’s. As for his funeral, it was at a very small church, so yes, it was not attended by many. But 100 or so people stood outside while thousands lined the streets of his hometown for the processional through town to the church. A big reason why a lot of people believe all the horrible stories about Cobb is because of how he’s been portrayed in movies over the years. For example, in 1994’s Ken Burns: Baseball documentary, respected baseball historian Daniel Okrent called him, “an embarrassment to the game.” Many sensationalized books and movies have portrayed him this way and that is what we came to believe about a man who played the game generations ago. 
In my opinion, since Charles Leerhsen’s book is so well researched, I no longer believe all the stories I’ve heard. Make no mistake though, Cobb had a hair triggered temper, got into plenty of fights and played the game harder than almost anyone, but that doesn’t mean he was trying to purposefully spike players and that he pistol whipped a black man for simply being on the same sidewalk as him.

In conclusion, any fan of baseball history will adore this book as it tears apart many terrible stories told about Cobb. It also goes into great detail about his astonishing career, so you’ll learn a lot about the man who still has the best career batting average in baseball history.

Play ball! 
- Jeremy

Friday, March 24, 2017

How We Found Out Thomas is Deaf

Our 5 year old son Thomas was born with profound hearing loss. I've never shared the story of how we found out he needed hearing aids or how he lost his hearing or why he has a cochlear implant. Today I am talking about how we found out our son is deaf. He can hear, but only with his aids. Without them he is deaf. Thank you for supporting our family and our being so lovely to our son. I am happy to educate and answer questions about his special needs. Being a parent of a child who is deaf and autistic has made me a better person and shaped me into who I am today. Thomas teaches us so much and I know he will continue to do so. Thank you for being part of the Mareathoner Family. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hammer Down

One of the biggest highlights of my 14 year radio career was when I had the Road Hammers in studio for an interview and live performance in October of 2005. 

(The NHL had returned from its cancelled season, we were constantly quoting lines from Wedding Crashers and the 40 Year Old Virgin and the Road Hammers were the hottest thing in Canadian country music.) “I’m A Road Hammer” was in high rotation on country radio from coast to coast and they were about to roll into Prince George for a concert AND stop by my radio station for an in studio interview and performance.

 I’ve been lucky enough to do a lot of celebrity interviews over the years but 95% of them are over the phone. Even if you get an in studio, there is no guarantee you’ll get a song. I’m pretty sure I only ever had 4 or 5 in studio performances in my career, so it was a big deal. On top of that, it was my favourite song at the time so I was incredibly nervous. 
It was 12 years ago, so I don’t remember much about the interview. I do remember that Jason McCoy liked my Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt and that they played not one, but two songs! I still have the recordings tucked away somewhere. The day only got better because then it was off to the CN Centre for the concert that night!

Two years later in the summer of 2007, Mare and I were at the old Merritt Mountain Music Festival and it was time to Hammer Down again! We had backstage passes, so we watched the show from a small loft on the side of the stage. It was okay, I guess! 

Fast forward and I haven’t seen my favourite country band in concert for 10 years! That changes Friday night when the Road Hammers come to town to play The Mule Concert House & Bar! Not only is it going to be a great show in an intimate venue, but it’s a fundraiser for the Centre for Epilepsy and Seizure Education in BC. If you’re looking for me on Friday night, you’ll find me in front of the stage with my old school Road Hammers shirt on!

Hammer down!
- Jeremy

Monday, March 20, 2017

Mare's Music Monday

I've been listening to Kygo for a few years, ever since my friend recommended his chill mixes on YouTube. I often have his playlists on in the background while I work or write in my journal. This is one of my favourites: 
I was thrilled to hear he was collaborating with Selena Gomez and their new track It Ain't Me is a home run: 

I just love how he mixes her voice and how her voice sounds with his style.  The first time I heard it I felt like it was really something fresh, which can be difficult especially to a music lover like me! 
Do you like their new song? What are you loving right now? 
oxox Mare

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Five Quick Faves

Friday, March 17, 2017

Food Friday

I think if you were to take a sample of my blood, it would be 47% hummus. 
I love hummus.  Specifically I love Homous. 
This brand of hummus has come out tops for me after trying countless kinds. (I do mean countless!) It's delicious and a great addition to plenty of dishes. I use it as dip for veggies or crackers or oven fries, as a spread on a sandwich and pretty much any way I can justify having it ;) 
I've even taken it so far as to have it for breakfast for the past few weeks. Solid. I have it like this: 
It's crackers from the brand Wasa, (I've tried Ryvita, but they didn't work as well) a layer of hummus, hemp hearts, avocado and chilli flakes. I have mixed it up by adding pepper or pink himalayan sea salt, sprouts and tomato. 
Breakfast is one of the toughest meals for me since I stopped eating animal products and avocado on crackers has basically been my go-to for a while.  
Not all hummus is created equal. If you can't find this fabulous brand, (I buy it at IGA) make sure to read the ingredients before you buy.  Some of the containers I've picked up have included so many things I can't even pronounce. No good. 
Thanks for indulging in my hummus obsession. What do you love at the moment? 
oxox Mare
(Yes. I just wrote a blog post about hummus. Right before I settled in to finish this post I finished another container. Excuse me while I go buy another ;)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Make Flowers Last For Weeks

"I must have flowers, always and always."
Claude Monet

I love buying myself flowers.  It feels like such a treat and a gift to myself every time I do. They brighten my home and are such an easy, inexpensive way to bring some joy.  

Treat yourself. Buy the damn flowers. 

I'm not talking about pricey, intricate bouquets with baby's breath.  (Why are they always pushing baby's breath? I don't like it it.  I don't want it. Don't make me.) 

I'm talking flowers from the grocery store. My favourite are the ones that are like $7 and come in cheap plastic.  I'm just going to take them home and transfer in a vase, what do I care?  I actually find that these flowers last the longest.  I can make a bouquet of $7 flowers last a good three weeks. 

Want to know how? 

First, ditch the packet of chemicals that comes with your flowers.  My secret is adding white sugar to the water and stirring it in until it completely dissolves. The amount to use is dependent on the number of stems and size of the vase.  (You can also use vodka but I am not here to waste perfectly good booze.)  

I make sure to tend to the flowers probably five to six days after I buy them.  Take them out of the vase, put fresh water in and add new sugar. Don't use freezing cold water, make sure it is lukewarm.

Snip the ends of the flowers to create a fresh intake for the water. I usually do this on a bit of an angle. 

Rearrange the flowers back into the vase and you are done!  Watch the flowers as the days go on and if they look a bit sad, repeat the process.  Doing these every four days or so, I can make a bouquet easily last a few weeks.  Interestingly enough, the cheaper the flowers I find the longer they last! 

As the days progress some flowers are lost along the way and as the stems get shorter with every snip, I usually create smaller arrangements to display in my home. 

I hope these simple tips help you make your own flowers last longer.  It doesn't seem like such an investment if they are going to last a while and I can't quite describe how a vase of pretty flowers can boost my mood.
Try it, you might just get addicted!
oxox Mare 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Mare's Music Monday

Have you heard the new one from Lorde? It's been years since she released new music. 
I can remember discovering Lorde when she was 16 and only had an EP out.  In fact, I reviewed it in 2013 on this blog! She's one of the most unique artists we've seen in a long time and I am thrilled she's back with a new sound and look and energy. This song won't be for everyone, but I sure have it on repeat! 
Green Light is the first single off her album Melodrama which comes out June 16th. 
What do you think of the new song? Are you excited for Lorde to have new content? 
oxox Mare

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Come Be Bold!

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