On the Air

Mare was on the radio from 2004 to 2019.  She completed the Broadcast Journalism program at BCIT and was a news anchor and reporter for multiple stations until 2007 when she became a co-host on the 97.1 SunFM Morning Show.  She maintained the number one spot on the air throughout the area until she retired from SunFM in April, 2016. 

You can browse a selection of audio from Mare's radio show including newscasts, interviews, parody songs and much more here.


  1. I feel honoured that you have a clip with me up here! I'd like to win another 1000 bucks :)

  2. Great to hear you on the radio from here. You always brighten my morning when we are home and no doubt you are brightening many others' mornings this chilly winter. Good idea with the cds. Why have them if you don't listen to them? Love, Mum xx


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